Jainex Aamcol tools are made from superior quality cobalt alloyed Super HSS made to exacting specifications of analysis and structure. Raw materials of Super HSS are directly imported and tested to the metallurgical specifications of Klingelnberg. We offer tools made from variety of raw materials like M35, HFECo, SFECoV, ASP2030 and other PM HSS. Wroughts as well as PM HSS are used as per requirements of the customer.

:: Hobs

:: Cutters

Jainex Aamcol hobs can meet the largest range of teeth cutting. Starting from finer pictch of 0.3 module to heavy-duty hobs upto 24 module are standard range.

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Jainex Aamcol offers precision form relieved ground or unground profile cutters ranging from standard to more complex intricate profile cutters.

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:: Inspection Tools & Precision Accessories

Jainex Aamcol manufactures a variety of spline guages like plug guages, ring guages and master gears.

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