Jainex Aamcol tools can meet the largest range of teeth cutting. Starting from finer pitch of 0.3 module to heavy-duty hobs up to 24 module are standard range. Hobs for different applications such as spur/helical gears, double helical herringbone gears, involute splines, key splines, serrations, ratchet wheels, chain sprocket wheels, HTD timer pulleys, worm gears, duplex type hobs, etc. are specialities of Jainex Aamcol. Hobs can be designed with special modifications like generating type, fixed position, short lead, entry roughing lead designs, blocked teeth, etc. depending on requirement of part.

:: Spur / Helical Gears

:: Key Splines

From 0.3 module to 24 module in accuracy class ‘C’ to ‘AA’ with finishing, pregrinding or roughing profiles with various profile design modifications such as semi topping, protuberance, tip relief.

For generating parallel or angular splines; straight or helical splines offered with profile modifications like semi topping, undercutting, shoulder clearance, etc. Finishing or pregrinding hobs are offered with precision unground or ground profile depending on component accuracy requirements.


:: Chain Sprocket & Timer Pulleys

:: Worm Gears

For sprockets as per ANSI, BS, IS or any other standards or with non-standard forms. For timer pulleys as per BS/HTD or any other standards or non-standard profiles. These hobs are offered with ground or unground profiles and topping or non-topping designs.

To achieve desired contact patterns – prime requirement on hobbed worm gears, Jainex Aamcol have developed their expertise through long extensive mathematical modelling, data simulation and practical applications. Hobs can be hollow type or integral shank type depending upon strength constraints. Tangential, radial, topping or non-topping hobs and special reaming type finishing hobs are also offered.


:: Ratchet Wheels

:: Special Hobs for Blocked Teeth

Fixed position hob for generating teeth on ratchet wheel. This hob unlike a conventional hob can cut without forming a fillet.

Special multistart hobs for components having block teeth like indexing splines.


:: Roughing-finishing Multi Thread Hobs

:: Roughing Finishing Two Section Hobs

The solution for efficient and economical hobbing of large size gears of coarse pitch (5 module & above) requiring subsequent teeth finishing operation. The special chip breakers provided on roughing starts allow heavy feed rates to be applied without overloading hob and hobbing machine. This reduces peak jerk loading on machine and ensures accurate part quality.

Jainex Aamcol has developed special combination hobs having roughing and finishing sections on one piece monoblock and split two piece construction. Roughing section is provided with special chip breakers allowing more efficient cutting even at higher cutting speeds /feeds